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Criminal Justice

More than 6,000 people are released from state prisons in Ohio every year and hundreds more leave local jails. There are numerous laws in place in Ohio that diminish the ability of these individuals to successfully transition from prison or jail back into the community. These laws undermine any commitment to fairness and justice and sets roadblocks for these individuals to obtain basic human needs such as jobs, housing and employment. While I remain steadfast in my belief that any individual who commits a crime should be held accountable by fulfilling the punishment set forth by our court system, I also believe that if our current re-entry policies remain intact, we will continue to witness the revolving door syndrome.

As your Senator,  I’ve have proposed “Ban the Box” legislation in Ohio would ban the box from private sector applications.  Also, this measure is still in committee my efforts have resulted in an Executive Order by the Governor in Ohio “Banning the Box” on all application on state government applications.

There is much more that must be done.  I have proposed policies which would prohibit individual boards and commissions from denying an individual a professional license unless the crime was substantially related to the occupation or license the individual is seeking; I’ve proposed legislation, that would require the automatic sealing of the official records in a case in which a person is found not guilty of an offense by a jury or a court, is the defendant named in a dismissed complaint, indictment, or information, or against whom a no bill is entered by a grand jury. 

As your state senator, I will continue to advocate for policies that balance the safety of our great state while protecting the needs of our often neglected citizens.