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Jobs and Economy

Cleveland, like many other areas across the country, is in a state of economic distress and will continue to face economic challenges unless strong leadership and comprehensive job creation practices are in place.

A competitive economy requires us to work together to ensure good jobs and security for our citizens. In our current climate, political jurisdictions are competing against each other to attract employers instead of competing with other states and countries.   

Throughout my tenure, I championed economic development and job creation initiatives.  As the sponsor of the renewal of the third frontier program, over $494 million was invested in northeast Ohio, creating jobs and attracting businesses to the area.  I negotiated a $200 million agreement for African American and female contractors with Ohio State University during their Phase I construction project and was responsible for over $400 million in contracts for African Americans, minorities and female owned construction companies during the construction of Ohio’s four new casino’s.   

As your state senator, I will continue advocating for initiatives that foster job creation, set up public investment in economic development and enhance our ability to educate our future workforce in addition to promoting job retraining programs designed to assist citizens who have been forced to change careers.