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Quality Education

Our greatest asset is our children and our greatest hope for the future lies in educating them. We know now more than ever before about the way children develop, grow and learn. Research has shown that the first five years of life significantly contributes to a child's long-term development - socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Family and parental involvement are two essential components that have a positive impact on a child's education. Children who are read to tend to have better language acquisition, literacy development, greater achievement in reading comprehension and higher overall success in school. Studies have also shown that when parents are involved in their child's education they have higher math scores, better school attendance, better social skills, reduced drop out rates and greater chances of success in post secondary education. All children benefit from parental involvement regardless of age, socio-economic status, racial and ethnic backgrounds.

As your state representative, I led the charge to restructure the Cleveland Municipal School District.  House Bill 525 will provide the foundation for stronger schools, increased learning opportunities, and a brighter future for Cleveland’s children.

I will continue advocating for expanded access to early educational opportunities and more parental involvement in our schools. I will advocate for fairer funding of our public schools. We must find a common taxing mechanism for all school districts so that no school system suffers from a lack of resources while others flourish. I also support increasing investments in our state colleges while capping tuition to keep costs down, so that all Ohioans have access to higher education.